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How We Can Help You

We offer a range of services that have advanced ahead of the marketplace. That’s because we’re endlessly excited about exploring new technologies. This work runs deeper than billions of bytes that flow through our hands each day—it’s about discovering innovative ways to solve problems. We’ll work with you to build a custom solution that meets your needs securely.

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    Content Management

    Access your content in your office or on-the-go by logging into your content management system securely from the web. Security is a staple of our service, with encrypted storage both in transit and at rest, and ongoing user activity audits. Should a natural or human disaster strike, we’ll have disaster recovery procedures in place to preserve your data. Our cloud based system allows you to set retention schedules for all of your documents.

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    Radiographic Digitization

    iScan is excited to offer radiographic digitization services to our medical clients, and those in the field of industrial Non-Destructive Testing on the cutting edge of x-ray technology. We’ve developed tools for capturing high resolution images on any size x-ray and will provide them to you on Blu-Ray DVDs or in secure cloud storage. Our innovative inspection systems ensure in-line quality control. We also have the ability to reclaim lost silver from x-ray films.

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    Conversion Services

    Over the decades, we’ve tweaked and perfected our conversion methods, but a few things have remained the same: the quality of our service, fair prices, and flexibility in meeting your needs. We can scan paper documents of any size, microfilm and microfiche. We can work in our own office, or come to you. You also have the option of storing your documents on a secure local server, on one of our secure, encrypted external drives, or in the cloud.

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    Digital Mail

    In today’s world, not all mail is electronic… but it can be. Now you can go completely paperless with iScan’s digital mail service–we’ll save you time and papercuts. We scan the paper mail you receive, and put it at your fingertips from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is log onto a secure web-based site to read it, reply, unsubscribe, archive or delete it.

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    Document Storage

    Looking for a safe place to store your hard-copy documents? We provide HIPAA-compliant storage for your legacy corporate files in a secure, temperature-controlled environment. The warehouse security includes keypad entry, video surveillance and a fire alarm. You can also check the status of your boxes at any time using our online inventory system.

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    Our team has intimate knowledge of government procurement processes on both the state and federal level. As members of Maryland’s Employment Works Program for over 30 years, and the Federal contract preference program for a quarter of a century, we’ve picked up a thing or two. Project scoping is another specialty, and we’re always available to help you develop a statement of work that clearly reflects your project needs.

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    Cloud Solution

iScan’s high-quality product speaks for itself.

Back in 2011, we at GWU School of Medicine and Health Sciences launched a paperless initiative aimed at streamlining and engineering our document storage into something more efficient. Working with our organization, the iScan team assessed our current system, coordinated many stakeholders, facilitated the migration to the new system, and provided regular updates throughout the process.

The iScan team’s aptitude for customer service, attention to detail, and genuine interest in the project exceeded all of our expectations.”

Alyscia Eisen
Business Management Associate
The George Washington University