iScan: A Humanim Social Enterprise

Our team is strong.

Behind the chips and circuits are beating hearts and human hands with a lot of experience. Four decades of it, in fact.

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We're a proud part of the Humanim family.

iScan is part of Humanim, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We started this social enterprise as an opportunity to pioneer technology and employ community members with intellectual and other disabilities. Since our original startup days, we’ve expanded our hiring to include industrious individuals who have faced other barriers to employment.

When you work with us, you make a direct social impact by creating local jobs and sustaining our communities.

We're eager to work with iScan again.

A few years back, Spatial Systems Associates’ Utility department had approximately 11,000 as-built drawings in its archives– some were deteriorating; most were the sole copy. To prevent further loss, we hired iScan, a Humanim Social Enterprise, to scan, organize, catalogue and store the images.

Although the total volume of drawings exceeded our initial scope by 22%, iScan met our original deadline with ease. Additionally, iScan proactively offered suggestions throughout the project to improve our systems, and was able to complete our contract with a speed, professionalism and dedication that was instrumental to the overall success of the project.”

Patrick McLoughlin
Project Manager
Spatial Systems Associates